What is Exilis Elite™ and how it works ?

Exilis Elite combines radiofrequency heating and ultrasound. It treats skin on both your face and body non-invasively by stimulating collagen formation. No needles or scalpels are used. It is suitable for women and men alike. There are no BMI or skin type restrictions and most patients report it feels like a pleasant hot stone massage. Also, it can be used on many body areas.

Exilis - Technologies médicales
Exilis - Ultra 360 nouvelle technologies

Exilis Elite™ reduces fat and reshapes the body.

Exilis Elite™ offers a revolutionary non-invasive treatment for the reduction of wrinkles and for the remodeling of fat deposits.
Exilis Elite provides lasting and measurable results.
With its advanced non-invasive system, all areas can be easily treated and improved.
This new technique therefore treats the skin in depth and the production of new collagen improves overall firmness and skin tension.
On the face, it visibly reduces sagging skin and wrinkles. It is the "iron" of the skin!.

Exilis - améliore les zones de votre corps

Areas that can be improved with Exilis Elite:

  • Eye contour
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Outlines of the mouth
  • Forehead
  • Double chin
  • Neck
  • Belly
  • Buttocks
  • Arms
  • Thighs


What Does Exilis Elite Feel Like?
Our patients describe the experience being similar to a warm stone massage. There is little to no pain, no anesthesia required, and absolutely no downtime afterward.

How Many Treatments Are Required?
In most cases, 4 to 6 treatments are recommended to treat your face and neck., 6 to 8 for the body. Treatments are usually spaced one week apart and each session takes 20 – 40 minutes, depending on the body part being treated.

How many sessions do I need?
You should begin to see the effects of the Exilis Elite procedure after your second treatment. Optimal results are seen three months after the last procedure.

Que ressent-on lors du traitement ? Est-ce que c’est douloureux ?
Some patients report visible results after four. treatments. The results will typically continue to improve over the next few months.

A quel genre de résultat puis-je m’attendre ?
Patients have reported excellent clinical results in numerous clinical studies. Check out our "Before and After" section to see how beneficial your physique can be from every angle.

Are there any side effects?
The entire Exilis Elite™ procedure is non-invasive, and it requires no recovery time. It is entirely possible to perform the treatment during your lunch break and return to work immediately afterwards.

How long will it take for me to see results?
This time varies considerably depending on the area and condition being treated and other factors. You may notice improvements after just one session. The results are usually seen over a period of 3 months after the treatment.

Will I need to change my habits or follow a specific diet?
Some of the most popular Emtone treatment areas include the abdomen or the stomach, the love handles, the waist, the buttocks, the inner and outer thighs, the front and back of the thighs, the knees, and the arms.

What makes the BTL Exilis Elite™ principle stand out?
Many years of research and development have enabled us to offer the only device of its kind that simultaneously emits both well-known types of energy: radio frequency and ultrasound. This combination guarantees high patient satisfaction and comfort. Thanks to its built-in cooling, the Exilis Elite™ BTL provides a pleasant and risk-free treatment with the ability to precisely and effectively target the desired tissues.